Privacy Policy
Preventing your privacy is our major concern. We do every possible step to keep your personal information safe and secure with us.

Much software’s are there to protect our website from any unwanted access. We demand your personal information as name, contact number, email address.

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If a user is visiting our website and browsing and searching our website or downloading any information from our website in that case we track some information about your access like location from where you are accessing, your domain name, your server name, your IP address, your internet speed, your date and time of access.

We use this information to improve our websites performance. And also for knowing that in which webpage user is more interested and by knowing this information we will make efforts to increase our websites performance.

We store your personal information with full security in our database. We take more information from your side when you perform registration on our website and for that we take information like full name, full address, full contact number, full email id. This information is used by us at the time when you inquire some information and we want to give you feedback about that information.

We never share your personal information with anybody unless we take permission from your side. We make sure that whether you are ready to share your personal information with anyone or not. If you said yes then only we give your personal information to third party or any other person.