Why is conveyancing required?

Whether you are buying a new property or selling the old property it is essential to hire a conveyancer to carry out Enact Conveyancing Adelaide process. Jonathan Toyn, regional estates manager at Blue Circle said: "The appointment of Chesterton at our Aldermaston headquarters provides us with promising opportunities and is a natural development of our approach to property and facilities management.

Conveyancing makes the process of property ownership transfer more safe and legal. Conveyancers carry out the compete process on behalf of their clients right from drafting the contracts till signing the full and final agreement. Colin Norman, regional director at the Bristol office commented: "We are delighted to have been awarded this prestigious contract, which compliments well our existing FM portfolio, and are looking forward to working in partnership to achieve significant savings for Blue Circle."

Conveyancers are hired by both buyer and seller. Both the conveyancers constantly stay in touch with each other for all the formalities and transactions. A conveyancer conducts all the research from local authorities and also pays all the remaining taxes. All the remaining improvement work is also taken care of by the conveyancers. Gammon Construction Limited, Kværner Construction's Hong Kong based associate company, has been awarded a further two contracts with a combined value of approximately £95 million, bringing the total of work won this week close to £150 million.

The largest of the two new contracts, worth £60.5 million, (S$£143 million) was awarded to a joint venture of Gammon Construction and Econ Piling of Singapore for the design and construction of an underground station on the North East Line of Singapore's Mass Rapid Transit system.The 2-level station, 'People's Park' will be located under Eu Ong Street and New Bridge Road and will also be designed to double as a civil defence shelter.