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"The judge called it torture and said it was an aggravated circumstance," he said. His injuries included a bruise to his cheek, an eye swollen shut and a bruised nose. "The psychiatrists who testified couldn't necessarily agree that this would not happen again," Schaffer said. Moulton resident Sheila Armstrong, who is Evan's maternal aunt, said she was relieved upon hearing about the sentence. Joel Evan Parker, 10, was beaten and stabbed in July 2002.

I'm just glad that he finally got his sentence and that it was the maximum. Because after the mentally retarded thing that he tried to prove, we were afraid that he wasn't gong to get what he deserved. Now we can have a little closure knowing that he won't be able to get out and hurt other children. During the 2-hour hearing, Marnocha listened to testimony from witnesses about Evan's injuries and Patrick's upbringing and psychological profile, the Tribune reporter said.

She said the statement read by Patrick's attorney said he was using drugs and alcohol, and was homeless when he killed Evan. Evan's sister, now 10, said Patrick killed her brother because he did not like the comment that Evan made about his Afro hairstyle, according to Heline's article in The Tribune. He was homeless, Flat Rate Settlements and living illegally in the house formerly occupied by his family.

He took Evan to that house after abducting him. Police found the boy in a basement room. A psychologist said Patrick functions at a 9- to 10-year-old level, but that he was capable of understanding what he did, The Tribune reported. The Tribune reporter said the Tonya Parker and her daughter attended the hearing. The reporter said Parker promised to be Patrick's worst nightmare because she will send him letters and photos of Evan. A headline Tuesday gave wrong information about how a Moulton boy was killed in Indiana.